Oral Presentations

CESPC-9 Speakers

Monday, Sep 5     
O-1  09:05Tim Nitsche  
Experimental insights in the development of an oxygen removal process for coke oven gas with non-thermal plasma
O-2  09:25Callie Ndayirinde  
Plasma-catalytic ammonia synthesis: the effect of the metal composition on the performance of Co-based Al2O3-supported catalysts
O-3  09:45Claudia Verheyen  
Microwave plasma for fertilizer and oxygen production in the Martian atmosphere
O-4  11:05Thomas Vazquez  
Indoor air decontamination by cold atmospheric plasma and photocatalysis
O-5  11:25Joanna Pawłat  
Cold plasma treatment of selected types of foods
O-6  11:45Thalita Nishime  
Influence of the reactor configuration on the treatment of rapeseed using a conical corona reactor
O-7  14:05Kristian Wende  
Biomolecule oxidation by CAP derived species - a general concept in biomedical plasma applications
O-8  14:25Francesco Tampieri  
How biopolymers in solution affect the generation and stability of plasma-generated reactive species
O-9  14:45Stanislav Kyzek  
The effects of non-thermal plasma treatment on the structural and functional parameters of human spermatozoa
O-10  16:05Kostyantyn Korytchenko  
Optical and electrical investigation of plasma generated by high-energy self-stabilized spark ignition system
Tuesday, Sep 6     
O-11  09:05Zlata Kelar Tučeková  
Optimization of plasma-activated media generation for decontamination of thermally sensitive materials
O-12  09:25Robin Mentheour  
Synergic antibacterial effect of pulsed electric field and plasma activated water
O-13  09:45Josef Khun  
Comparison of non-thermal plasma produced by cometary and point-to-ring discharges for portable devices usable in biomedical applications
O-14  11:05Marley Becerra  
Investigation of CO2 decomposition in a pulsated warm arc plasma by optical emission spectroscopy
O-15  11:25Richard Cimerman  
Nonthermal plasma regeneration of deactivated catalysts after plasma-catalytic removal of toluene and naphthalene
O-16  11:45Igor Fedirchyk  
Plasma-catalytic conversion of ethanol into hydrogen-rich gas using system with rotating gliding discharge and vortex flows
O-17  14:05Miran Mozetic  
Hydrophilization of fluorinated polymers
O-18  14:25Matteo Gherardi  
Control strategies for aerosol-assisted atmospheric pressure plasma deposition of fluorinated silane thin films
O-19  14:45Slavomír Sihelník  
Dry cleaning and activation of flexible glass using nonthermal plasma before PEDOT:PSS coating
O-20  16:05Senne Van Alphen  
Modelling study of CO2 conversion enhancement in microwave plasmas using a quenching nozzle
O-21  16:25Eduardo Morais  
CH4 coupling in nanosecond pulsed plasma discharges: 0D modelling to unravel the effect of pressure & temperature on product selectivity
Wednesday, Sep 7     
O-22  09:05Nikolo Skoro  
Correlation between properties of plasma treated liquids with characteristics of atmospheric pressure plasma devices
O-23  09:25Michael Schmidt  
Non-thermal plasma for generation of antimicrobial aerosol
O-24  09:45Ana Sainz García  
Forest material treatment by PAW
O-25  11:05Ionut Topala  
Revision of 3.4 um band destruction rates under ion beam irradiation of hydrogenated amorphous carbon as interstellar dust analogues
O-26  11:25Kerstin Sgonina  
Selective study of ion-substrate interactions using the VUV-photoionization chamber

COST PlAgri Speakers

Thursday, Sep 8     
O-27  09:45Filippo Capelli  
Plasma decontamination of food packaging material
O-28  10:00Klaas De Baerdemaeker  
Cold plasma for bacterial decontamination: impact of food matrix composition and relative humidity of the input gas
O-29  11:20Ludmila Čechová  
Effect of plasma and plasma activated water on growth media used in hydroponics
O-30  11:35Vladimir Scholtz  
Comparison of the effect of plasma activated water and artificially prepared activated water
O-31  11:50Jan Čech  
CaviPlasma: A plasma source capable of application-scale generation of plasma treated water for agriculture, aquaculture, and medicine
O-32  14:00Elise Vervloessem  
Experimental and computational study of nitrogen fixation mechanisms from (humid) air and nitrogen in pulsed plasma
O-33  14:15Kinga Kutasi  
Role of metals on fixation of NO2- in plasma-activated liquids
O-34  14:30Arijana Filipić  
Inactivation of viruses in irrigation waters
O-35  14:45Raluca Alina Bisag  
On the use of plasma activated water (PAW) for agricultural purposes
O-36  16:35Jonas August  
From anhydrobiosis to germination: effect of an air atmospheric cold plasma treatment on Arabidopsis seed dormancy
O-37  16:50Plamena Marinova  
Cold plasma treatment effect on the germination and seedlings growth of durum wheat genotypes
O-38  17:05Vida Mildažienė  
The persistance of effects of seed treatment with cold plasma, vacuum and electromagnetic field: 7-years observations on Norway spruce
Friday, Sep 9     
O-39  09:15František Krčma  
Cold Plasmas Application on Onion Bulbs
O-40  09:30Rasa Zukiene  
The evaluation of cold plasma effect on morphometric and biochemical parameters in Stevia rebaudiana by principal component analysis
O-41  09:45Karol Hensel  
Effect of plasma activated water, its chemically equivalent solutions and arsenic stress on growth, development of selected seed and plants
O-42  10:00Sabrinne Bousselmi  
Effects of plasma treated water on seed germination and growth of blue lupine (Lupinus angustifolius L.) plants under abiotic stress
O-43  11:05Kazunori Koga  
Development of experimental system for plasma irradiation effects on plants using marchantia polymorpha
O-44  11:20Liutauras Marcinauskas  
Application of plasma and pulsed electric field for the treatment of microalgae
O-45  11:35Eugen Hnatiuc  
Preparing for large scale use of cold plasma discharges: Pitfalls and challenges

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